IDES 322

interesting…I’m getting solicited for porn on Imeem..

#hiphopconfessions I would stay up until 5am on fri nights for “strictly hip-hop” from Copin State radio ‘93-‘95..still have tapes

RT @cosmobaker: I love my country and am grateful to be from here, but I have a terrible issue with the concept “American Exceptionalisim”

RT @SarahKSilverman I feel pretty lucky. Thousands of people die every day and it’s never me. #fb

..should’ve went to sleep hours ago..stayed up to get a good dose of music for the next few days

music in my mind: “Heaven and Hell by 20th Century Steel Band

sweet! I’m being followed by Taco Nazo..too bad I don’t live near Santa Monica :/

good packagig design-

I’m seriously considering adopting Sticky…she’s pretty much famous RT@drewlazor Sticky = avenged!

I keep waking up 15-20 minutes before my alarm goes off. So irritating.